About FIRE

FIRE was established in April 2018 as a family owned/operated small business ahead of the planned transition with Fire and Aviation Resource Service (FARS) on January 15, 2019 as the only authorized distributor of Premo products in the USA. FARS has served as the US based Premo PSD Service Center since February 2009. SEI Industries Ltd. acquired the rights to the Premo line of products and entered into an agreement with FARS on July 1, 2012 and became the only US supply source for all Premo products. FIRE is honored to carry the “torch” that has been passed representing quality, reliability and tradition established with customers that use and depend on PSD machines, parts, accessories, Fireballs and service.

FIRE is truly a “fire family” composed of Rebecca, John, Matthew & Luke Stivers, whom collectively are wildland firefighters, Certified and experienced prescribed burn practitioners, registered forester, structural firefighters, EMT’s, Paramedic, and reserve deputy sheriff. FIRE has a fully equipped PSD Service Center and Fireball storage facility on the family farm in east-central Alabama adjoining the Talladega National Forest in Clay County.