About the Premo Dispenser

The Premo Plastic Sphere Dispenser (PSD) is a compact and dependable aerial ignition device dispensing system. Made of aluminum, the Premo PSD is designed to safely inject Premo Fireballs with ethylene glycol and accurately release them over targeted areas.

Designed to work with most modern rotary wind aircraft including the Bell 206 and other flat floor models from various manufacturers, the Premo PSD controls are easy to learn and operate and are designed to prevent the accidental release of ignition devices. Before being expelled from the aircraft and landing in the target area, each sphere is injected with ethylene glycol to guarantee ignition 20-30 seconds later.

As a safety feature, the Premo PSD is equipped with a 3.25 L water reservoir that is engineered to extinguish a potential fire within the injecting area. Any jams can also be quickly cleared so that downtime is minimized and air time is maximized.

Quality Construction

The Premo PSD is constructed from an aircraft-grade aluminum alloy that is corrosion resistant, yet lightweight. All the components, including pumps and motors, are engineered for toughness, reliability and ease of maintenance. Since safety is paramount during any aircraft operation, Premo products are dedicated to quality construction.

Each unit is inspected and tested for trouble free action before it is shipped to customers, allowing them to get off the ground and working without delay. In situations where field service is required, all major components are easily accessible and replaced within minutes.

For maximum safety, the Premo PSD carries a 3.25L water reservoir. In the unlikely event of a jam, the fire suppression system delivers a blast of water directly to the injection area to immediately extinguish any flames. The Premo PSD is shaped to fit the rear doorsill of the Bell 206 helicopter and can be configured to any aircraft using modified support brackets.

The main frame consists of the power train, hopper, glycol reservoir, fire suppression system, sphere dispensing mechanism and a glycol injection mechanism. The spheres are fed into four chutes which are controlled by anti-jam slipper blocks. The slipper mechanism moves the spheres into the glycol injection needle. Once a sphere is injected with glycol, it is jettisoned out of the machine.

Easy to Use

Controls for the Premo PSD are easy to use with a minimum of operator manipulation. The unit is powered through the standard 24V aircraft power supply. Before take-off, the feed mechanism and glycol injection system can be run independently, allowing the operator to test and make adjustments. The variable dispensing rate can be manipulated effortlessly depending on your flight speed, burn assessment, topography, understory fuel conditions and grid spacing.

Payment Options

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  2. Checks
  3. EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) via Government Purchase Orders

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